Mobile Operators
  • Promotions adapted to Operators’ needs
  • Tailor made SMS/MMS activities to induce VAS usage and increase ARPU
  • Yearly SMS promo plan proposition targeted to stimulate VAS usage
  • Mobile advertising to enhance Telco / brand image & equity
Media Groups
  • Special Events to induce interaction with the target audience
  • Competitions customized to TV formats of the media group
  • Combination of SMS & IVR applications to maximize participation
  • New project development according to the requirements of the medium, the show and/or the concept.
  • DB Creation
  • Mobile & Web Quizzes, and tele-voting activities
Products’ / Services’ Companies
  • Promo activities to drive retention or purchase of bigger quantities / product packs (on pack promos)
  • SMS/IVR contests’ design for launches to promote trial and/or conversion (communication promos)
  • Tailored games’ development to push interaction with consumers, excitement & word of mouth
Across-the-board Services
  • Customized design, implementation & hosting of the platform
  • Full Project development and management
  • Flexibility for ad hoc services’ differentiation
  • 24/7 support
  • Financial investment
  • Statistics’ timely and accurate reporting
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